DIY No Waste Almond Milk Recipe

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This resurgence of living mindfully has got us feeling all the feels…knowing our vision and our mission is being recognized and shared by so many others around the globe is such a fascinating feeling, and with this blog we are aiming to share ideas, recipes, thoughts, as well as customer and staff testimonials for our latest products!

One of our newer items is a nut milk bag made out of 100% organic cotton. This bag was designed specifically for making nut milk. It is to be used exactly like cheesecloth, but is much easier to clean and won’t have as many spills! Its shape helps it slide into a measuring cup or tall Weck jar with ease so you don’t have to worry about any extra messes!

Making your own nut milk (or really, making your own ANYTHING) has many benefits, but the biggest one being that you are in control. The final product, the process along the way, and the waste generated from start to finish; these are all aspects that you alone get to control. So if you’re anything like us, we love keeping our carbon footprint, waste, and (when able to) costs low.

Alright, get to the point, where’s the recipe!?

Here’s the thing. The “recipe” is more to be taken ultimately as a guideline, as opposed to a calculated recipe. This is nothing like baking! Ultimately, you don’t even need to make measurements once you’ve found a balance that works best for you. However, here’s the bare bones starting point:

Almond Milk Recipe

Makes 5 Cups (will vary depending on how much water you decide to use)

You will need:
– Almonds
– Filtered water
– Food processor
– Nut milk bag
– Tall storage jar
– Salt // Sweetner // Cocoa Powder // Berries (Optional)

– 1 cup raw almonds (bonus points if you bought them in bulk with your own cotton bulk bags…if you don’t have any check out what we’ve got)
– 5 cups filtered water (this will make almond milk with an average viscosity, so if you’re like me and prefer your almond milk thicker, try and add about 3.5 – 4 cups of water per cup of almonds instead)
– Salt to taste
– For sweetened: add sweetener of choice to taste (vanilla, stevia, dates etc.)
– Chocolate Almond Milk – add a scoop of cocoa powder
– Strawberry Milk – add fresh or frozen strawberries (or any kind of berry!)

1. Cover almonds with water and let soak overnight on your counter or in your fridge. Make sure to cover with a cloth or cotton reusable bowl cover. If you’re anything like me and either do these things on a whim (how am I supposed to know what I want to do tomorrow?!) or you simply don’t want to wait an entire day to start your milk, you can soak them in almost-boiling water for 1-2 hours.

2. Strain almonds and add them to the food processor. Measure out and add filtered water and any other ingredients you so choose to add.

3. Blitz the mixture on high for 2-3 minutes. The longer you blend, the more nutrient rich and beneficial your almond milk will be!

4. Once you’ve blended to your satisfaction, take your nut milk bag (available here) and place it opened inside a tall container (as pictured above) so you can easily scoop the almond pump into the bag (we have a couple that are just perfect right here). Pour the milk and almond pulp into the bag and start wringing out all excess moisture from the nut pulp. Do not discard! Later I will include a few different recipes and options to make decent use of this, then you can say your almond milk is created with a “100% waste free” method!

Store your almond milk in the fridge for up to 5 days (it’s easier to make smaller batches once or twice during the week. The fresher the better!

BONUS: Savoury almond milk – This happened to be created by accident one day, so instead of using raw almonds, use roasted and salted almonds instead for a somewhat savoury and deep flavour (omit salt to taste)

There you have it, folks! Homemade almond milk catered exactly to your liking, made in your own kitchen, with your own magical hands! Make sure to head to to check out the products mentioned in this recipe!

Tune in tomorrow for my innovative ways to use the leftover almond pulp…you’ll be shocked by all the options you have!

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